Chargé d'Affaires Embassy of Paraguay



Mr Fernando ACOSTA DIAZ took up service as the Charge d’Affaires of the Paraguayan Embassy in Canberra on the 26th September 2016. He holds a degree in Marketing and Public Relations from the Autonomous University of Asunción (1993-1997) and a Graduate Diploma from the Diplomatic and Consular Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1993-1994).


Mr ACOSTA DIAZ has used his training and experience in trade and diplomacy in producing the following publications:

  • Acosta Diaz, F and Lebrón, L. 1993/1994. The Operational Manual of “The Treaties Division” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Acosta Diaz, F, Ayala, A and Amarilla, M. 1991/2005. International Instruments of the MERCOSUR and Associated States (Books 1 and 2), Treaties Division, the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Mr ACOSTA DIAZ speaks Spanish, Guaraní, English and Portuguese. During his career in Paraguay, he served as an official in the Treaties Division (1991-1994), as the head of the Cono Sur Division (1994-1996), and as the head of the International Treaties Division (2004-2006). Before his posting to Australia, he was appointed as the Second Secretary at the Paraguayan Embassy in Uruguay (1998-2004) and as the Counselor at the Paraguayan Embassy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (2006-2011).