President, São Paulo State University – UNESP


President (2017-2021) of São Paulo State University – UNESP,  Prof. Sandro, Full Professor, graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry (BSc) at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences – UNESP (1986), and received a Master degree in Microbiology and Immunology from the São Paulo Federal University – UNIFESP (1989) and a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the São Paulo University – USP (1993). During his PhD, he developed part of his thesis at the Center for Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT. From 1996 to 1998, he was a research Fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Since then, he has established a research group and coordinated a number of projects using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism. He was Vice-Dean (2005-2008) and Dean (2009-2012) of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences – UNESP. Member of Brazilian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Vice-Chair and Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Polyamines. His main research interests are: functional characterization of proteins using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism, translation factors (mainly eIF5A), protein synthesis and cancer. Author of 76 published scientific articles and 230 paper presentation in scientific events. He has supervised and concluded: 11 post-doctoral training, 17 PhD thesis (being 5 co-supervisions), 4 master’s dissertations and 41 undergraduate research fellows.