Jeremy HulseJeremy Hulse
Executive General Manager, Cybersecurity, Sage Automation

Jeremy Hulse is a business executive with over 35 years of experience in the information technology and cybersecurity industry. Jeremy’s experience equates to a broad industry knowledge allowing him to apply his skills as an accomplished problem solver with an ability to identify, strategise, implement and adapt technology aligned with risk mitigation needs in today’s complex operating environments.

This technical background and business leadership experience enables him to evaluate business and market challenges, identifying underlying issues in an analytical and objective manner, resulting in the provision of structured and clear mitigation strategies for implementation.

Jeremy has achieved notable success with a number of global organisations and has extensive Asia Pacific knowledge across a diverse cross-section of large defence, government, enterprise and telecommunications organisations.

Prior to joining the SAGE Group, Jeremy worked with a range of organisations in various roles such as General Manager Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity (CIC) at Thales Australia, Vice President Asia Pacific for M86 Security, Asia Pacific Security services for Cisco, and Asia Pacific Director of Security Services for Oracle.