Founder and CEO, Edoome


Edoome is a social learning platform focused on teachers and students in the school system. Edoome provides tools for communication and collaboration between teachers and students that measure students' progress. Edoome provides access to educational resources in a safe and easy to use space with a single click. It currently helps more than half a million teachers and students worldwide. 
Edoome Founder and CEO, Mr Leonardo De La Fuente has been recognised both in Chile and abroad for his work in education. He was named Young Leader of Chile; and the InterAmerican Development Bank named Edoome one of the top 50 innovations to make an impact on education in Latin America. In 2019, the Global Forum of Education and Learning in Dubai nominated Mr De La Fuente as one of the top 50 innovators in education in the world.

Mr De La Fuente is a Start-Up Chile and HotDesQ alumnus and he is the first Latin American entrepreneur that went through ImagineK12 in Silicon Valley (now part of YCombinator, where companies like Dropbox and Airbnb were born). He was a TEDx speaker with his talk, “How much are we willing to sacrifice to achieve our dreams?”

Mr De La Fuente’s mission with Edoome is to connect all teachers and students in the world to help them achieve their maximum potential by communicating, collaborating and sharing to help reduce the educational gap between public and private education.