Steph Gorecki NatikSteph Gorecki Natik
General Manager, International and Astronomy, Department of Industry, Science and Resources

Stephanie joined the Department in November 2020. In her role of General Manager she is responsible for advancing Australia’s international science engagement through bilateral agreements and in multilateral settings. She is also responsible for policies that support access to state-of-the-art astronomy facilities, such as the Square Kilometre Array and the European Southern Observatory, enabling Australian astronomers to undertake world‑class science.

Prior to joining DISER Stephanie was a senior economic analyst at the Office of National Intelligence, and prior to this Stephanie worked at the Commonwealth Treasury in a range of roles in the Department's Fiscal, Markets and Macroeconomic Groups. While at Treasury Stephanie was responsible for developing public policy in the areas of education and labour markets, productivity analysis and financial system reform, and has written numerous papers on economic wellbeing and alternate measures to GDP. Stephanie has extensive experience working on international economics and national security, particularly on the linkages between economics and strategic and geopolitical issues.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Applied Finance with Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from Macquarie University.