Welcoming the next generation of leaders

5 July 2018

Thirty Australia Awards Scholars arrived in Brisbane last month to take part in the Queensland Australia Awards Mid-Year Welcome and Farewell Celebration hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

This semester’s UQ commencing scholars represent 16 countries, spanning UQ’s close neighbours – Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Indonesia – all the way to Mozambique, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka.

Dr Jessica Gallagher, Director of Global Engagement & Entrepreneurship, said the scholarship provides an invaluable platform to strengthen UQ's global network and influence positive change. 

"It is The University of Queensland’s vision to provide knowledge leadership for a better world. And our proud tradition of educating Australia Awards scholars from around the world is, indeed, inspiring the next generation of leaders to advance ideas that will shape our future," Dr Gallagher said. 

"We know the Australia Awards promote excellence and create change, because our past graduates have unlocked major innovations in a variety of fields. Importantly, they have returned home to assume pivotal roles in their communities."

View photos of our Australia Awards scholars below.