Global development

The University of Queensland (UQ) is a leading university in the development sector, and our mission is to deliver global development leadership for a better world.

Our development practitioners, researchers and students are working to address the most pressing challenges facing our world today — including climate change and the environment, agriculture and food security, renewable energy, governance, health and wellbeing, and gender equality. Our work positively impacts societies globally by real-world application of our development expertise across program delivery, research, policy and advisory services.

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Our strengths and projects

Developing nations are deeply vulnerable to the impacts of a changing environment. We work with leaders and community groups to help mitigate the effects of climate change on their livelihoods.
By enhancing communities’ ability to sustainably improve production, improve the global supply chain, and decrease food losses and waste we can help create healthier societies and economies.
Creating a strong healthcare system is vital to maintain healthy societies and healthy economies. The COVID-19 crisis has only exacerbated existing disadvantage. By investing in health, significant progress can be made in helping to save the lives of millions.
Empowered leadership skills are imperative for diversifying governance and strengthening public policy procedures in fields such as finance, criminal justice, gender equality, agribusiness, disaster risk reduction and many more.
The adoption of renewable energy practices and sustainable mining increases resource efficiency and reduces our impact on the world. By empowering communities to manage their energy practices, we are helping build a better world.
By embedding entrepreneurial thinking within communities, we can encourage viable and innovative solutions to a number of economic and social issues.

Where we work

Our work in development is helping build the capacity of people and communities around the world.

What we do

UQ International Development is one of the leading university development groups in the Asia-Pacific region.
Our experts are working to address the most pressing challenges facing the developing world.
Our suite of multidisciplinary and specialist development courses are world-class.
Are you interested in global development work? Connect with the UQ Global Development Hub.

About our work

We partner with international governments and private partners to expand the reach and impact of our global development efforts. Our expertise is applied through fieldwork, technical advice, capacity building, applied research, knowledge management and policy-making.

The impressive wealth of UQ capabilities relevant to global development spans a diverse range of disciplines, schools, faculties and institutes. Notably unique to Australian tertiary institutions, UQ proudly houses International Development, a team dedicated to sourcing, managing and implementing commercial development expertise, contracts and services. We also possess strengths in the teaching and learning of development theory and practice across a suite of multidisciplinary and specialist courses.

Through bringing together the brightest minds in global development, we can create meaningful change.

Dallas Dowsett As one of the leading university development groups in the Indo-
Pacific region, we will continue to provide development expertise and
program management leadership to build the capacity of people and
organisations around the world to achieve their development goals.

By its very nature, global development work offers unique and meaningful opportunities to achieve UQ's vision of knowledge leadership for a better world through real-world application of our expertise and capabilities. Few other endeavours have the potential to deliver such significant and lasting impacts to communities around the world.

Dallas Dowsett 
Head, International Development
The University of Queensland

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