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Access engagement briefs, visits and missions schedules and UQ's a list of active and in-progress international agreements.
We promote and coordinate UQ's participation in a number of schemes that enable UQ staff and students to take part in meaningful overseas experiences, including the UQ Global Strategy and Partnerships Seed Funding Scheme.
The Global Engagement Framework continues to recognise that enhancing UQ's global profile is critical to the University's future success, and identifies and supports a range of programs, grants, and initiatives designed to enhance our impact.
As one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities, UQ attracts distinguished visitors from around the world. Every visit to UQ is an opportunity to enhance the University's reputation and facilitate positive outcomes and relationships.
UQ engages with business and industry in mutually beneficial partnerships to bring about significant outcomes and create change. Find out more about the memberships that Global Partnerships subscribes to and see the complete list.
The Global Development (GD) Hub is open to all UQ and external stakeholders with an interest in harnessing UQ's wealth and diverse breath of expertise to provide opportunities and solve challenges in global development at UQ. Learn more below on how you can connect and join the GD Hub.

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