Team-building exercise supports clean water for Africa

25 Aug 2017

Most Australians take clean drinking water for granted, but one billion people globally have no access to it.

Almost two million people every year die of completely avoidable waterborne diseases.

Fifty-two professional staff from The University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB) have taken small steps to address the problem, building 17 emergency water filtration systems in two hours as part of a team-building activity.

Head of School Professor Paul Young said the professional development Water Works program was designed to bring staff together but served the dual purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of about 300 people in Rwene, Uganda.

“It was a thought-provoking exercise for staff, as our researchers work on human health and immunity projects, and our students learn about waterborne diseases and the role of microbes and human health in the course MICR3001,” he said.

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