Australia Awards student steps outside his comfort zone

8 Oct 2018

Australia Awards and Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation student Christian Benedict Roaquin reflects on his time at UQ. 

Being aware of the gaps between knowledge and practice in research commercialisation in my country has been my motivation to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The University of Queensland through an Australia Awards Scholarship. The interdisciplinary approach of my program has also allowed me to major in Biotechnology, a field I have been immersed in for almost a decade.

My study experience has opened doors for me to discover the foundations of entrepreneurship, how ideas can turn into innovations that can help solve some of the world’s problems.

Not only am I enjoying world-class education at UQ, but it has also given me opportunities to expand my networks, be involved in socially relevant activities, and even enhancing my employability. I have been a Student Leader, helping new international students to transition to their new life in Australia. I was also part of the Student Experience Project, where we spearhead events catered to give UQ Life a new twist. I am part of different student societies and have been involved in academic and social events both inside and outside campus, in Brisbane and around Australia.

I am grateful for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Awards Philippines, and the University of Queensland Global Engagement team for their untiring support for us sponsored students. This will go a long way for us, a great motivation to help uplift the lives of our countrymen when we return home. All these opportunities have enabled us to discover our hidden talents, pushed out of our comfort zones, and made us realise that we are capable of creating change wherever we may be.

The UQ Global Engagement Office collaborates with more than 70 scholarship partners around the world to give students like Christian the opportunity study and research at UQ and ultimately make an impact in their communities.