Maximising my time in Brisbane by balancing studying and having fun

26 Sep 2022

Blog post by Sumayyah Abdurrahman from Indonesia, studying a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Studying at UQ enriched my experience working with diverse individuals worldwide.

Sumayyah Abdurrahman with two students at the Ventures Curiosity workshop holding up paper
Sumayyah Abdurrahman at a Ventures Curiosity workshop

To maximise my experience as a UQ student, I tried to participate actively in academic or non-academic events. I also used several facilities and engaged in free services offered by UQ, such as student counselling and EAC (English for Academic Communication).

As mentioned earlier, besides studying, I also became a member on the MEI's (Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation) student committee, joined a club and participated in the Ventures Curiosity program in my first semester – a program to helps students develop core entrepreneurship skills and network with like-minded students. All these experiences opened doors to build a broader network. Expanding my network was also one of my key objectives when I decided to study abroad. 

Sumayyah Abdurrahman standing in front Springbrook National Park waterfall
Sumayyah Abdurrahman exploring Springbrook National Park

Living in Brisbane is quite a wonderful experience for me. I love the nature and environment of this city and to explore the many beautiful places here, from beaches, rivers, and waterfalls – these are some of the best moments of my life. I am so happy to be here, and make memories with new friends. What I am trying to do is enjoy every moment by balancing studying and having fun here in Australia.

Sumayyah is a recipient of the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education which provides Indonesian students with funds and support when studying abroad.