Peanut Butter Development in Lusaka, Zambia

Muma Bwalya Munansangu, an Agribusiness short course participant in 2017, is a development specialist working for the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission, a government agency aimed at providing broad-based empowerment to citizens.

“Having undertaken this course really provided insight on how we can improve the implementation of the value chain by taking a study of the entire value chain from the farmer all the way up to the consumer and understanding that which is important for the consumer and what it is they are willing to pay for," said Muma. 

Muma’s project investigated a local peanut butter value chain to understand consumer preferences and market trends as well as the material and information flows and relationships across the chain from farmers to shoppers. This analysis led to recommendations for improving the chain’s competitiveness by creating value and reducing waste.

"The course really is complementing the efforts that the Zambian Government is doing with regards to value chain development," she said.

I appreciate the effort by The University of Queensland in developing and implementing the course with such excellence and to DFAT for facilitating Australia Awards – Africa to help many professionals like me make a difference in the continent through knowledge transfer.”

Duration: January 2019
Funding source: Australia Awards: Short Term Award

Last updated:
15 October 2020