Developing Garlic Value Chains in Northern Mozambique

Avêncio Matenga, an Agribusiness short course participant in 2017, is an Agribusiness Advisor for the Swisscontact’s horticulture value chain project in Northern Mozambique called Hort-Sempre.

As part of his Reintegration Action Plan, Matenga conducted a Value Chain Analysis to answer three questions:

  1. What attributes of garlic do consumers value, and how much are they will to pay for them?
  2. What activities across the chain contribute to these attributes, and how should they be improved to deliver a product more highly valued by consumers?
  3. How can relationships be developed to ensure these coordinated improvements are made, and the benefits shared so that they are sustained?

“This project contributed directly to my work in Horti-Sempre, and I was really motivated to implement the expertise I had gained during the course," said Avêncio.

"From a practical perspective, I learnt about the different reaction of consumers when approached to be part of the research. In Australia, it was easy to ask people questions, but in Mozambique the attitude is not the same, with many refusing to take part. I think this is pretty partly to do with different levels of education. I certainly learnt about the importance of persistence!”

Download a brochure about this 2017 Agribusiness Short Course Award.


Duration: January 2019
Funding source: Australia Awards

Last updated:
20 November 2020