Training trainers in irrigation and water resource management

The purpose of the course was to conduct a train the trainer program for 20-25 public sector implementers and community mobilisers from target organisations to deliver effective farmer education programs.

The primary subject matter was focused on water conservation techniques and sustainable water resource management as practised in Australia for adaptation in Pakistan at the grassroots level. This was achieved through a technical curriculum that integrated train the trainer methodology, providing recipients with skills and knowledge in training techniques for the application of effective water resource management farmer education programs at the grassroots level.

Gender integration was addressed throughout the design and delivery of the course content and practical activities with a particular focus on the different roles men and women play in irrigation and water management in Pakistan. Course Objectives were to:

  • to provide recipients with skills and knowledge relating to Australia’s water resource management practices.
  • to enable recipients to interpret their experience and learning for inclusion in customised water resource management farmer education programs in Pakistan at the grassroots level.

As well as the six weeks of program delivery (five in Australia, one in Pakistan), a Post-Course Visit was undertaken by the Course Leader and Program Manager. The visit comprised a two-day workshop, preceded by institutional visits and one-on-one meetings with Awardees and their supervisors. The purpose of the visit was to assess and support with the implementation of Awardee Return to Work Plans.

Duration: September 2014
Funding source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Last updated:
20 November 2020