The Global Development (GD) Hub aims to share knowledge and build capacity within the UQ community via the GlobalDev Engage series of presentations, workshops and seminars.

GlobalDev Engage Presentation: Strengthening the Research-Development Impact Nexus: Better Research, Better Global Development Outcomes

Join Dr Greta Nabbs-Keller, Senior Research Affiliate at UQ Centre for Policy Futures and Mr Tom Court, Research Impact Coordinator at the Global Change Institute as they present on the interconnected opportunities that exist between research and global development projects. This presentation will aim to provide a clearer understanding of the relationship between research and global development practice, including examples of where these two intersect and what are the associated work and funding opportunities.

This session will provide:

  • An overview of Global Development Impact at UQ and Research Impact at UQ
  • Examples of projects with direct linkages of these two practices

  • How categorisation may affect funding opportunities, and
  • Next steps on how to get involved

Registrations will close on Tuesday 24 May, 9am (AEST) and a zoom link will be sent out by 10am the same day.



Online, Zoom link will be sent the day of the event