Australia-Japan Foundation 2020 Grant

The Australia-Japan Foundation seeks to advance Australia’s engagement with Japan by supporting people-to-people linkages; amplifying and shifting perceptions of Australia in Japan to reflect contemporary Australia; and facilitating the promotion of the inventive, innovative capabilities that Australia brings to Australia-Japan collaborations across broad and ever sophisticated sectors. The Australia-Japan Foundation also seeks to bring to the fore, awareness of the ongoing vital importance of Australia and Japan on each other’s foreign and trade policies by facilitating informed discussions.

Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship provides Global Strategy Framework and Global Engagement Briefs. The Global Strategy and Partnerships (GSP) team welcome inquiries to identify potential partners in Japan.

Key Dates
Closing date and time: 6 October, 2:00 pm AEST

Applications due for general review to GSP: 28 September 2020



Please consult the guidelines for the eligibility of your project

The estimated grant value is from $10,000 to $40,000 per annum for a maximum of 3 years.

Indirect costs/overheads are not funded by this scheme.



Salaries are not funded by this scheme

How to Apply

Step 1. Completing the application

Australia-Japan Foundation 2020 Grant Guidelines are available from the DFAT website. All applications must be submitted by the applicant electronically using the SmartyGrants online application form.

The GSP team will provide a letter of support template, application cover sheet template to be completed by the applicant, brief UQ capacity statement and information on UQ’s engagement in the country of your application upon request. Please allow five days for the GSP team to process the letter of support. Letter of support will be issued after the signed cover sheet is received by the GSP team.


Step 2. GSP internal review and feedback
For GSP review on compliance and feedback, please email your application to the GSP team by 28 September.


More information could be found in Australia-Japan Foundation Grants website.