International Development

We are one of the leading university development groups in the Asia-Pacific region.

UQ International Development helps build the capacity of people and organisations around the world to achieve their development goals.

Through leveraging the knowledge, expertise and leadership of The University of Queensland's staff and researchers we deliver client focussed and professionally managed activities that create impact. 

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We can help you and your organisation to achieve your development goals.

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What we offer

Long-term development activities

Project-based activities give our participants valuable international experiences with world-class partner organisations. We offer a variety of fellowships, courses and research opportunities that aim to foster lasting global connections while providing best-practice contemporary research and evidence-based strategies to create impact and improve communities worldwide.

Customised short-training programs

Intensive learning experiences delivered by our team balance content and real-world experiences to generate engagement, knowledge and collaboration. Short-term specialised courses are offered in a wide variety of fields to strengthen technical skills, establish connections with renowned university partnerships and launch ideas for positive change for a better world.

Advisory services and technical assistance

Direct support from our development experts is offered to all of our valued participants, both national and international. Our experienced advisory staff can provide ongoing aid and assistance with activities, courses, English language speaking, housing and community connections to ensure the deliverance of a positive and rewarding experience.

Our experience

Since 1994, UQ International Development has delivered award-winning development programs.


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The Coral Reef Rescue Project, funded by the Global Environment Facility, contributes to the Global Coral Reef Rescue Initiative, a global multistakeholder partnership aimed at protecting the health of coral reef ecosystems in the face of climate threats.

Our work in action

Working together to mitigate disasters in Nepal

In 2019, 21 emerging leaders from Nepal participated in the 100th Australia Awards South and West Asia Short Course in Inclusive Governance for Effective Disaster Risk Reduction (Nepal) delivered by UQ International Development. The course focused on building capacity across the different levels of Government by exploring a variety of available approaches to the development of mechanisms for participatory disaster governance. The course involved a two-week component in Australia and a four-day component in Nepal (Kathmandu and Chitwan). In Australia participants visited many first responder organisations and coordination services such the Queensland Reconstruction Authority in Brisbane and the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre, Canberra.

Agribusiness course paving the way for sustainable economic development

UQ International Development’s Australia Awards-Africa Agribusiness short course is one of their longest-running and most successful courses. The course has contributed to the development of agribusiness in 15 African nations by enhancing people’s working lives through a holistic and highly practical approach to value chain development: ‘value chain approach’. Over 100 mid-to-senior-level professionals employed in policy, practice and research roles for government agencies, civil society organisations and private sector companies have completed the course. (Video: watch Janet Nwaekpe talk about her perspective on Nigeria's ginger production and improving the domestic market.)

Strengthening UQ’s links to the Pacific

UQ International Development and UQ Business School have collaborated on a customised leadership and management training program for fisheries leaders in the Pacific, together with Pacific Community, Forum Fisheries Agency and the Centre for Adaptive Leadership (funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade). Fisheries remain the most important ocean resource for livelihoods, employment and economic growth as well as a critical source of protein in the Pacific. Well-managed and sustainable fisheries, and aquaculture increases economic and food security. Participants of the program are eligible to receive credit towards selected pathways from the Business School’s suite of postgraduate programs.