For over 50 years we have provided scholarship delivery and management services to Australian and international governments, corporate and non-profit partners worldwide.

We have demonstrated experience and expertise in capacity building through partnerships. The approach is one of identifying needs in consultation with partners and delivering timely outcomes to ensure success.

New and existing global partners can be assured that the Sponsored Students team has extensive experience in managing scholarship programs and has best-practice processes in place for the management of your students.

Our management strategy includes:

  • Providing leadership in the management of the sponsor-UQ relationship.
  • Assisting with the coordination of sponsor partnership agreements.
  • Providing guidance in the application and selection of potential scholarship recipients.
  • Regular academic monitoring and progress reports,¬†in accordance with the conditions of the scholarship.
  • Liaison between University Schools and Faculties, academic and support services, students and sponsors.
  • Coordination and assistance with financial arrangements, such as tuition fees, Overseas Health Cover (OSHC), stipends and third party invoicing services, if required.