UQ law students explore anti-corruption in Indonesia

27 Feb 2018

This summer, the TC Beirne School of Law took fifteen Bachelor of Laws students to study in Indonesia. The students embarked on a two-week trip to study Indonesia’s efforts at fighting corruption. Exploring issues of anti-corruption, integrity and corporate governance in Indonesia, the students mixed academic study with field-based learning.

The project in Indonesia was funded in part through the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Program. This program supports students to visit 40 different locations across the Indo-Pacific region for periods of short-term study.

Bachelor of Laws student Angus Dick was grateful for the cultural and educational perspective that the trip afforded. “Through transporting me to Indonesia and showing me the human challenges of law enforcement, Transnational Perspectives on Law demonstrated how widely the skills I have gained from UQ can be applied to create change, and provided new and exciting experiences along the way.”

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