River rescue

16 Nov 2017

Bachelor of Environmental Management students recently put their studies into practise in Wuhan, China, working with the WWF conservation NGO to improve the health of the Yangtze River. Students Harry James, Dylan Johnston and Natalie Mason share their experiences.

Dylan Johnston

Unsure of what direction I wanted to pursue for my industry placement course, I was informed at a networking event of the opportunity to undertake my placement in China with aid from the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program.

At first, I saw this as yet another one of those amazing opportunities UQ advertises all the time, where you think, “Wow, that would be an incredible experience”, but end up not doing anything about it. However, I soon realised that I simply could not leave this chance begging, and so I applied.

A couple of months later I found myself on my first ever international flight, and it was heading to China!

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