The deep ocean is warming slowly – but dramatic changes are ahead

26 May 2020

The world’s deep oceans are warming at a slower rate than the surface, but it’s still not good news for deep-sea creatures according to an international study.

The research, led by University of Queensland PhD student Isaac Brito-Morales, looked at how ocean life was responding to climate change.

“Significantly reducing carbon emissions is vital to control warming and to help take control of climate velocities in the surface layers of the ocean by 2100,” he said.

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The global team included UQ’s Dr Carissa Klein, UQ PhD candidate Mr Nur Arafeh-Dalmau, Professor David Schoeman from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Hokkaido University’s Assistant Professor Jorge García Molinos, and Professor Michael Burrows from the Scottish Association for Marine Science.  Additional collaborators included members of the AquaMaps team.