For now, psychology is our best anti-coronavirus tool

28 May 2020

Aside from a vaccine or cure, knowledge of human behaviour and psychology may be the best means of controlling the spread of COVID-19.

In a new, freely available book, UQ psychologist Professor Jolanda Jettentheory was – appropriately – informing planning and public debate around the most significant world event of our lifetimes. 

She and co-author Professor Alex Haslam and other international experts collaborated on Together Apart: The Psychology of COVID-19using decades of insights from social psychology research to better understand events of recent months.

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The book – part monograph and part edited volume – is co-authored by Professor Steve Reicher from the University of St Andrews, and Dr Tegan Cruwys, from Australian National University, with contributions from 24 international experts.

Together Apart: The Psychology of COVID-19 is free to download, and will be printed.