COVID-19 patients needed for study

21 Aug 2020

Australians who have tested positive to COVID-19 are being urged to participate in a global survey, to help scientists learn more about the virus’s severe impact on the sense of smell and taste.

University of Queensland nutritional chemosensing scientist Professor Eugeni Roura is part of a UQ team working Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research (GCCR) to undertake the survey in Australia.

“We need more data from Australians confirmed or presumed to be COVID-19 positive to help fill the gaps of knowledge about the dramatic impact on the loss of sense of smell and taste,” Professor Roura said.

Research published by the GCCR has found that ratings of 3 or less on a scale from 0 to 10, which represents a significant loss in the sense of smell, is an accurate predictor of COVID-19.”

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The survey can be completed online on the GCCR website: