New Colombo Plan Scholar acts on disability inclusion

18 Dec 2020

New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholar and UQ philosophy and economics student Adele Greedy-Vogel wants to make her mark in disability inclusion.

UQ student Adele Greedy-Vogel is smiling holding her NCP awardCOVID-19 has forced the cancellation of all UQ student exchange for 2021, but Ms Greedy-Vogel will go to Thailand in 2022 to fulfil her dream of creating a lasting connection between both countries’ Deaf communities.

As a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), Ms Greedy-Vogel’s first language is Australian Sign Language, Auslan, a visual, gestural and spatial language that is not a visual representation of English.

“Having a language of the body is such a beautiful way to experience the world,” Ms Greedy-Vogel said.

In Thailand, Ms Greedy-Vogel will study Thai Sign and spoken Language at Mahidol University, and intern with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for the Asia-Pacific.

Since the NCP started in 2014, 33 UQ scholars have spent part of their academic life in the Indo-Pacific region in study, work, and in internships.

Adele Greedy-Vogel translating article into Auslan 

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