Pandemic protection: ‘animal-disease detectives’ safeguarding health

17 May 2021

A University of Queensland researcher is helping train 'animal-disease detectives' to protect animals and humans from the threat of future pandemics.

Dr Henning smiling with a jungle type forest behind him with green river
Associate Professor Joerg Henning 

Associate Professor Joerg Henning is part of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Veterinary Epidemiology (APCOVE) project, teaching veterinarians and animal epidemiologists in South East Asia how to stop destructive pathogens before they spread. 

“Countries across the globe are currently being disrupted by devasting animal and human outbreaks, from the COVID-19 pandemic to African swine fever, with the latter wiping out more than a quarter of the global pig population,” Dr Henning said.

“The world is more connected than ever, and with people and goods moving easily between countries, it’s essential to be well prepared in order to fight current and future outbreaks.

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