Dozens of UK companies trialled a four-day working week last year. On average, their revenue went up

24 Feb 2023

The results of the world's largest four-day working week trial are in — and most companies are sticking with the change. 

From June to December last year, 61 companies in the UK paid their employees the same wage despite working fewer hours. 

Revenue actually went up by 1.4 per cent, on average, with that figure being weighted by company size. 

The companies saw a 57-per-cent drop in resignations. 

Employees reported a decrease in their anxiety levels, fatigue and sleep issues and improvement in their mental and physical health.

The results of the study were so convincing that 92 per cent of the companies are continuing with a four-day week, with 18 companies going a step further to confirm the policy would be a permanent change. 

What kind of companies participated? 

It was run along with researchers from the University of Cambridge, Boston College — a research organisation focused on the future of work called Autonomy — and the 4-Day Week Global nonprofit community.

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