Research shows water fluoridation is safe for children

10 Oct 2022

Research from The University of Queensland has found no link between community water fluoridation and adverse effects on children’s brain development.

child filling up glass of water from tap Professor Loc Do from UQ’s School of Dentistry said the study examined the difference between the brain development and function of children who’d been exposed to fluoridated water in early childhood with those who weren’t.

“We found emotional and behavioural development, and functions such as memory and self-control, were at least equivalent to those who had no exposure to fluoridated water,” Professor Do said.

“In other words, there was no difference in child development and function related to fluoridated water.

“This finding shows that consuming water with fluoride at levels used for public supplies in Australia is safe and it supports continuing and expanding fluoridation programs.”

Currently, approximately 90 per cent of the Australian population has access to fluoridated water, although in Queensland it is 71 per cent.

Many regional Queensland areas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are not covered by a fluoridation program.

“A small but vocal group of people sometimes claims that water fluoridation can have adverse neurodevelopment effects, especially in young children,” Professor Do said.

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