Arriving as a student and leaving as a leader

Studying in Brisbane felt like a very refreshing few years of experiencing a new culture, environment and having a taste of independence in my 20s.

Grace College friends

It was overall a very holistic experience that ranged from academic learning, to friendship, to practical life living, personal development and spiritual growth.

For my first two years, I lived in Grace College where I shared many precious memories with new friends that I met from diverse backgrounds. It was there that I was provided with countless opportunities to try out new things like dance, music, sports. 

On top of this, I really appreciate UQ for putting together a well-planned Speech Pathology Honours course, and for building a very supportive campus environment that greatly enabled my learning and academic achievement.

Additionally, I was blessed with a loving church community in Brisbane that became my new family and made the biggest difference to my time there. I joined a Christian club called Campus Christian Movement (CCM) and led the club as the Secretary, Vice President and President gradually over three years.

Me (second from left) with Campus Christian Movement student members

It helped me to grow in my leadership, communication and collaborative skills, and allowed me to practise my faith and support others to do so as well. While it was a short few years in Brisbane, the many experiences, perspectives and friendships that I’ve gained has shaped me as a person and will leave a lasting impact on my life.

Last updated:
22 December 2020