Engineering international collaboration for UQ and Technical University of Munich

Collaborations in the area of engineering have developed across several fields with engagement in the areas of chemical, civil and electrical fields well advanced.

A highly popular double degree in the area of electrical engineering presents excepRockettional internationalisation experiences for TUM and UQ students. Collaborations in the area of advanced water and waste water management and civil, geo and environmental engineering have grown exponentially in recent years with significant endeavours to support staff mobility resulting in joint teaching, academic seminars, higher degree research exchange and high impact collaborative projects. Funded initiatives such as the ‘Sustainable and Cost-Effective Water and Waste Water Treatments’, ‘UQ-TUM Advanced Simulation Partnership’ or the ‘Flood Loads on Bridge Structures Project’ in chemical and civil engineering are expected to pave the way toward large scale partnership initiatives. In 2019, two TUM-UQ International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) research projects were initiated in the area of engineering. The first project saw the TUM Chair of Biochemical Engineering join with the UQ Advanced Water Management Centre on a project titled “Microbial electrosynthesis for bioproduction of chemicals”. The second project saw the UQ School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering join with the TUM Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics on a project titled “Numerical investigations on high temperature effects on hypersonic transitional flows”.

Last updated:
23 April 2021