Design Thinking

Solving complex problems in a creative, user-centric and curious manner.

Processes like design thinking guide a group of multidisciplinary individuals through the different stages of problem-solving, from understanding root causes and listening to concerns, to collectively devising sustainable and impactful solutions.

Event details: 

Date: Friday 28 April 2023
Time:  3-4:30pm AEST
Platform: Zoom

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In this workshop your students will learn:
  • the fundamentals of design thinking and creative problem solving
  • how to approach complex problems and methods to solve them
  • how to design solutions from a user-centric perspective


Jacqui Niblett

Jacqueline Niblett is passionate about helping students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset – to give something a go, look at problems as opportunities that can be solved, and to bounce-back from failure. Jacqui draws on years of industry experience in the chartered and commercial accounting space, as well as in her own entrepreneurial journey and as a competitive sports person at the international level.





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