Digital Society

The University of Queensland (UQ) and the UK Government’s Science and Innovation Network (UK SIN) hosted the Digital Society virtual event on Wednesday 23 February as part of the UK/Australia Season

The UK/Australia Season is focused on the theme, ‘Who are we now?’ which provides a platform to celebrate the best of our arts and cultural life, with points of connection and collaboration around our shared successes, with a view to celebrate the diversity of cultures and languages in both countries including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures of Australia and the nations of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, as well as the rich societies that have emerged in both the UK and Australia through migration.

The focus of UQ-UK-SIN 'Digital Society' virtual event will be ‘How digitalisation has impacted society’ across a range of key areas including health and medicine; the arts, technology and the ethics of AI. Exploration of these thematic focal points will allow global experts to unpack the evolution of digitalisation and its impact upon society with the lens of art and culture translating points of change bringing us to answer the Seasons’ question – “Who are we now?” 

We note this is a very extensive program, as a result the program will be broken down into two parts.

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Event resources

  • Rockatoo - A socially intelligent ‘Mall Bot’ artfully answering the call for a new AI narrative ‘for good’. Created by Professor Janet Wiles and artistic duo Scott Nagy and Krimsone. 
  • One By One - Created by Ancestress and ft. Dr Lou Bennett AM. "In memory" of the many members of our communities and nations that were killed through the continuous process of colonialism.
  • City Symphony - Game Sound Con: City Symphony. Created by Associate Professor Eve Klein and Ravi Glasser-Vora.
  • BLOOM Festival - UQ Lakes illuminating from nightfall with BLOOM Festival's first ever light and sound display. The sound production titled 'Flourishing Hope' written by PHD student Taana Rose; symbolising a future post COVID-19 and the rebuilding.



Part A


Official open to the event with formalities and breakout discussions addressing: 

  • Digital Health and Society 
  • Digital World and Disruptive Technology 

Part B


Engaging keynote speaker, and the 'Great Debate' where you will get to hear from several inspiring and high-profile speakers who will argue either the affirmative or negative side of the topic ‘digitisation is reshaping humanity for the better’.



Partner logos

Child with laptop

Digital Society - Part B

23 February 2022 6:00pm8:00pm
Part B will dive into an engaging keynote speaker followed by 'Great Debate' where you will get to hear from several inspiring and high-profile speakers who will argue ‘digitisation is reshaping humanity for the better’.
Women with tech

Digital Society - Part A

23 February 2022 4:00pm6:00pm
Part A will include the offical opening to the event with formalities and engaging breakout discussions addressing key issues people are facing today.