Digital Society Part A

Wednesday 23 February

The University of Queensland (UQ) and the UK Government’s Science and Innovation Network (UK SIN) hosted the Digital Society virtual event on Wednesday 23 February as part of the UK/Australia Season

The digitisation of society impacts us all! In part A of the program we invited the audience to join their choice of concurrent sessions as leading industry and research experts explore the impact of digitisation on health and medicine; the arts, technology and the ethics of AI.

Time zones:

Brisbane 4-6pm AEST    Melbourne 5-7pm AEDT    London 6-8am GMT    Check your time zone

Key breakout themes

Digital Health and Society

This panel discussed the significant impact a digitalised society will have on the health care sector. With rising costs and increasing demand, our current health models are no longer fit-for-purpose or sustainable. Partnering to develop digital health systems allows us to plan new ways to deliver care to more people, more efficiently. Panelists discussed ‘who are we now?’ amid a backdrop of automated health care, AI influence, and an uncertain and resistant public. 

Digital World and Disruptive Technology

Showcasing the strategic UQ-Exeter partnership and the QUEX Institute theme of ‘Digital World and Disruptive Technology’, this session explored the realities of our digital world and how we must adapt in the face of disruptive technology. Embracing a future where robotics and mechatronics, information technology and machine learning inextricably link with the majesty of classical languages, ancient history, archaeology, ancient theatre, museum studies, and philosophy will prompt us to ask ‘who are we now?’ and who will we be in the future?

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Event contact

For more information about the event or UQ's engagement, contact

Rachael Anderson, Senior International Visits and Events Officer, Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship, UQ.

+61 7 3346 0618