Researchers unite to beat breast cancer

26 Mar 2020

Across UQ, nearly 100 researchers from a range of disciplines are banding together to prevent, better diagnose and treat breast cancer – an insidious disease that affects millions of lives around the world each year.

On a winter’s day in July 2017, Bogi Crilly-Toth, a UQ management accountant and vibrant 35-year-old mother of two children then aged under three, had a conversation about her breast that changed her life. 

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UQ breast cancer researchers and survivors. Back row: Dr Blerida Banushi, A/Prof Marina Reeves, A/Prof Marie-Odile Parat, Dr Amelia Peters, Prof Riccardo Dolcetti, PhD candidate Cristina Sánchez de la Rosa, Dr Peter Simpson, (seated) Dr Sheleigh Lawler, Dr Francisco Sadras, Dr Amy McCart-Reed, A/Prof Adrian Wiegmans, student Ekaterina Ivanova. Front row: (survivor) Josepha Dietrich, Dr Priyakshi Kalita de Croft, (survivor) Jocelyn Forsyth, Dr Jamie Kutasovic, (survivor) Bogi Crilly-Toth, Prof Gregory Monteith, Dr Roberta Mazzieri, Dr Jodi Saunus, Dr Sally Mortlock. Image: Anjanette Webb