Why international engagement is crucial for Australia's higher education sector

2 June 2020
Article authored by ​Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement & Entrepreneurship) Dr Jessica Gallagher
In January, I commenced an exciting new role as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship) at one of Australia’s Group of Eight universities. My first 100-day plan was brimming with ideas and initiatives designed to strengthen and expand the institution’s global footprint.
Jessica Gallagher
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement & Entrepreneurship) Dr Jessica Gallagher

Then, COVID-19 arrived and, with it, my carefully constructed plans went out the window. 

The increased desk time has ensured plenty of opportunity to read opinion pieces on the virus’s impact on the higher education sector and expected long-term ramifications. I have been struck with how frequently the commentary reduces international education to a (largely negative) discussion about recruitment activities and over-reliance on international student fees. This narrow depiction of international education is grossly inadequate and undervalues the broad benefits that global partnerships bring to the country’s economy and reputation.

Attracting international students to our institutions is important, for a whole host of reasons.

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