Exploring diverse applications for one goal: achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

13 August 2021

Written by broadcaster, Communication Studies Program facilitator, and PhD candidate at Universitas Indonesia, Rocky Prasetyo Jati

On 12 August 2021, The University of Queensland (UQ) and Universitas Indonesia (UI) conducted a joint UQ-UI Bilateral Research Forum on Communication for Development and Social Change – Diverse Applications, One Goal.

Rocky as broadcaster between two cameras
Broadcasting at BLTV

The virtual Forum was then divided into two sub-themes: Communication and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and Media and Social Change

Three academic experts in communication and innovation, and social and political science facilitated the sub-themes: Elske van de Fliert, PhD (UQ), Inaya Rakhmani, PhD (UI), and Dr Hendriyani (UI). 

I was the sixth speaker out of seven on the day under the sub-theme of Communication and SDGs titled 'Culture, Creativity, and Arts: Building Cultural Resilience'. I spoke about the importance of cultural resilience that is being fought for by cultural communities living in marginal areas.

Culture is an important component of the SDGs. SDG 11 ‘sustainable cities and communities’ has significant relevance for cultural resilience. Preservation and promotion of culture is the goal. Creative industries and cultural infrastructure are important resources for building community capacity and can be a source of people’s livelihoods. The power of infrastructure and cultural innovation is a natural solution and action for these SDGs, especially for countries with solid creative industries.

I had the opportunity to present my PhD research work related to the cultural community. The community is called Bali Buja (Paguyuban Peduli Budaya Jawa). It can be interpreted as a community with concern for preserving traditional culture, especially arts from Java. This community uses the creativity and innovation of media technology to spread its artistic expression. I was delighted to present at the Forum, because it was an excellent opportunity to continue the voice of the cultural community itself in an international forum.

Watch my three-minute presentation on building cultural resilience

This type of forum is beneficial because it is a perfect place for the presenters, who are mostly PhD students, to showcase and convey their research ideas. Comments and questions from participants, of course, also become precious input for the presenters and their studies.

The main topic of discussion in the Bilateral Forum on Communication for Development and Social Change was also material for big ideas on possible future engagement activities between UQ and UI researchers and doers.

In summary, the spirit to become a ‘voice’ and a ‘communicator’ for the SDGs is not limited to discussion forums, but can be realised in actual activities that contribute to society.

UQ’s Premier Partner in Indonesia is Universitas Indonesia (UI). 

In 2020, the first webinar UQ-UI Bilateral Research Forum event was on Indonesia’s Shifting Countering/Preventing Violent Extremism Policy Landscape and the Implications for Bilateral Security, Law and Justice Engagement. View event recording.