My experience at UQ

Back in 2015, I was offered a scholarship by my sponsor, Ministry of Education Malaysia, and my employer, University Sains Islam Malaysia, to study abroad anywhere in a top 100 university. My former lecturer recommended UQ.

Me (centre) with classmates in front of the famous Jacaranda trees

The challenge then was to find an appropriate supervisor for my study area in marriage counselling. After scrolling the list, I found one academic from the School of Psychology who was worth contacting – Professor Halford. He turned out to be very professional and friendly. Although a proposal that would see us working together was challenging to reach, the key idea had clicked for us.

In 2016, I flew alone to Australia, all my fears gone because I was excited to start a new chapter in my life. I was grateful to receive help from some Malaysian students here as it made my transition and adjustment smoother. It was a dream come true! I never thought I’d have a chance to study abroad.

During my first year, I participated in many events such as spiritual activities, language classes, and research courses, and made new friends from many countries. I am very grateful because my school was supportive and caring of their students. My relationships not only with my supervisor, but with the administrative people, were warm and caring in nature. They offered to help me whenever necessary, sometimes even just by asking “How have you been?” which made my day better.

At the 3 minute thesis (3MT) school heat

I have some officemates who I still keep in touch with though we have finished our studies. I remember one day, I had difficulties with my research project, and just needed someone to talk with, so I talked to my friend Edward. He stopped his work and attentively listened to my rants.

The experience of studying abroad that I treasured most is the people I met. I am grateful for UQ, because it really feels like our lives were destined to cross.

Me (second from right) with the Muslim Student Association


Last updated:
8 September 2020