The riches of study life at UQ

Studying and working at UQ is probably one of the happiest and most fortunate experiences that I have had.

While studying at UQ, I not only had the opportunity to attend classes of extremely enthusiastic, thoughtful, and caring lecturers, but also had a great learning and exchange experience with other companions.

With excellent facilities, open spaces, beautiful and peaceful scenery, UQ is really suitable for students' study and research. Unlike most of the single students, I went to study when I was married and on an Australia Award Scholarship (AAS).

In addition to the wonderful experiences, a student's life as a mother and a wife cannot avoid certain difficulties. Fortunately, there were people around me who were always willing to help me, especially from the AAS Student Contact Officers at UQ. Those great and valuable supports helped me to be able to overcome all challenges and successfully complete my course.

I want to say thank you to all the AAS Student Contact Officers and I hope I will have a chance to visit UQ in the near future.

Last updated:
9 September 2020