Undergrads are Asia-bound on Westpac scholarships

4 Aug 2017
UQ Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship recipients, from left, David Nyeste, Vincent Singer, Sunny van der Berg, Lachlan Walters and Hai Xia Wang-Pole.

Six University of Queensland students have been awarded Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Asian Exchange Scholarships.

The $12,000 bursaries fund students to spend a semester studying at a leading Asian university.

UQ’s recipients this year are: Hai Xia Wang Pole, Sunny van den Berg, Lachlan Thomas-Walters, Vincent Slinger, David Nyeste and John Atherton.

Arts/Law student Ms van den Berg said she hoped to gain a cross-cultural perspective of international relations during her time at the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

“I look forward to learning about international relations through a different lens, and gaining a better understanding of the complex relationships between Australia and Asia,” she said.

“I’ll be exposed to different cultures and ideas, and I will be encouraged to push myself to succeed, learn from other’s experiences, and challenge myself to become a better leader.” 

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