Seed funding supports nine international projects

12 August 2021

Nine excellent initiatives have been approved for $74,350 in funding in the 2021 UQ Global Strategy and Partnerships Seed Funding Scheme

A total of 19 eligible applications were received for the round, amounting to $171,350 in requested funding. 

Congratulations to the successful applicants: 

  • UQ Business, Economics and Law – The Carbon Literacy Trust (United Kingdom): UQ Carbon Literacy Program.
  • UQ Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology – Colorado State University, Ghent University, and The University of British Columbia (USA, Belgium & Canada): An Urban Design Challenge (water and energy) with four international universities.
  • UQ Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology – Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR): UQ-CUHK Data Driven Design for Sustainable Urban Communities. 
  • UQ Health and Behavioural Sciences University of Pennsylvania (USA): Virtual Global Exchange. 
  • UQ Humanities and Social Sciences Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) (Brazil): Collaborating on online linguistic data resources for language education in Australia and Brazil. 
  • UQ Humanities and Social Sciences Nanyang Technological University, international schools in Singapore (Singapore): UQ Singapore Partnership Programme - Excellence in schools.
  • UQ Social Science Research – University of Leeds, University of Glasgow (United Kingdom): Development of collaborative research initiatives between University of Queensland (UQ) and University of Leeds (IL) and University of Glasgow (UG) and joint ISSR (UQ)-LSSI (UL)-MRC/CSO SPHSU (UG) workshops on co-production, housing and health. 
  • UQ Medicine Hanoi Medical University (Vietnam): Supporting the Vietnamese Dementia Masterplan: Building health economics capacity for Dementia in Vietnam through a joint Australia-Vietnam collaborative network. 
  • UQ Science University of Washington (USA): Co-development of undergraduate learning experience in marine science with the University of Washington, an emerging premier partner. 

This scheme has proven instrumental in supporting the efforts of UQ’s faculties and institutes to establish new and expanded linkages with strategic global partners.

The next round will continue in 2022. The Global Engagement team will contact international and/or research teams prior to the opening of the next round to confirm designated contacts, communications, and submission procedures.