Digital worlds and disruptive technologies theme

Digitalisation is transforming who we are, what we do, and how we act.

Present and future digital worlds mean that wars can be fought without soldiers; medical procedures and can be undertaken without surgeons; travel can occur without the physical movement of people from place to place; societies can be powered without iron, coal and oil; and education can take place with a teacher on one continent and students on another. 

This QUEX theme brings together a range of interdisciplinary research areas to explore these elements of digital change. On the technology side, both Exeter and UQ have world-leading capabilities in:

  • artificial intelligence, 
  • data science,
  • machine learning,
  • cybersecurity, and 
  • virtual reality.

On the behavioural side, both universities have teams across their social sciences and humanities scholars who are looking at the social, cultural and economic elements of this digital transformation.

Cross-disciplinary teams will seek to address some of the challenges and opportunities related to digital change. 

Digital worlds and disruptive technologies leadership team


QUEX PhD studentship program

The PhD studentship aims to recruit the very best students, to work across the University of Exeter and The University of Queensland, towards joint degrees. The scheme pays full fees and a stipend, as well as a generous training and travel fund.

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