Global environmental futures theme

Exploring new science frontiers, finding solutions to intractable problems, and influencing public policy, are at the heart of the QUEX program on Global Environmental Futures

The University of Exeter and UQ are both world-leading in environmental science, delivering research breakthroughs across many environmental challenges such as:

  • climate change,
  • clean energy, 
  • marine,
  • costal and reef science,
  • biodiversity, 
  • air and water pollution,
  • antimicrobial resistance, 
  • food security, and
  • sustainable agriculture

This theme is closely aligned to a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Global Environmental Futures leadership team


QUEX PhD studentship program

The PhD studentship aims to recruit the very best students, to work across the University of Exeter and The University of Queensland, towards joint degrees. The scheme pays full fees and a stipend, as well as a generous training and travel fund.

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