• What does active learning look like? - Teaching and Learning Workshop

    18 April 2024 3:00pm4:30pm
    Participants in the workshop will engage in active learning while learning about active learning in higher education. Digital technologies will be used along with interactive pedagogies. Participants will leave the workshop with a real experience of active learning pedagogies and new evidence-based understandings about the effectiveness and current rationale for moving to active learning in higher education. Take part 18 April on Zoom.
  • UQ Ventures - Design Thinking Workshop

    16 April 2024 3:30pm5:00pm
    Solving complex problems in a creative, user-centric and curious manner. Processes like design thinking guide a group of multidisciplinary individuals through the different stages of problem-solving, from understanding root causes and listening to concerns, to collectively devising sustainable and impactful solutions. Take part 16 April on Zoom.

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